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Together since 2006, this pair was the first ever recorded to nest in a coastal redwood tree.

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I don’t even remember what led up to it, but at one point the professor informed us that some amorphous “they” had proven that “race isn’t genetic.” Murmurs of amazement spread among my classmates. Back at my dorm I turned to Google and quickly sussed out one of the basic truths Mc Whorter mentions: Categorical claims that “race isn’t genetic” amount to either bad science or word games.

One of my most amusing discoveries that day was the argument that when forensic anthropologists identify someone’s race from nothing but a skeleton, all they’re really identifying is the region the person’s ancestors came from, which is totally different.

He suggests not, as there is nothing to gain from discussing it.Tynes is co-editor of the Handbook of African American Psychology and is completing a term as associate editor of the Racial discrimination is a common stressor in the lives of adolescents of color in the U. Previous empirical research suggests that the majority of minority youth perceive themselves to be the victims of racial-ethnic discrimination (Benner & Kim, 2009; Harris-Britt, Valrie, Kurtz-Costes, & Rowley, 2007; Huynh & Fuligni, 2010; Martin et al., 2011; Medvedeva, 2010; Neblett et al., 2008; Pachter, Szalacha, Bernstein, & Coll, 2010; Seaton, Caldwell, Sellers & Jackson, 2008). A growing body of research also suggests that the contexts in which discriminatory experiences occur matter and have differential impacts on child and adolescent adjustment outcomes (Greene, Way, & Pahl, 2006; Fisher, Wallace, & Fenton, 2000; Riina, Martin, Gardner, & Brooks-Gunn, 2013). I later learned that, if given a collection of DNA samples, scientists can predict the racial self-identifications of the people the samples come from with nearly 100 percent accuracy.Are the precise boundaries we draw between racial categories subjective? But even our casual classifications strongly reflect ancestry, and people with different ancestries have recognizably different genetic profiles. That wasn’t the only thing that eventually led me down the race-and-IQ rabbit hole, though.That includes but is not limited to appearance, age, gender preference, personal habits, education and political views.